Top 10 Haunted Homes – Would You Buy a Haunted Home?  Top 10 Haunted Homes – Would You Buy a Haunted Home?

Top 10 Haunted Homes – Would You Buy a Haunted Home?

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Looking for a nicenbsp;haunted home to buy? Something that is a bit different than the two-story Colonial with the white picket fence? The Mid-century modern with floor-to-ceiling windows or the English Tudor like your parents had?nbsp; How about Buffalo Bills home fromnbsp;The Silence of the Lambs, recently on the market with a price that was cut to the bone at just 298,500, and is now an Airbnb where an entire family can try to stay all night for 595?nbsp; Or the most haunted house in I>

For anyone looking for a lot of space, how about an entire Colorado ghost town for 1 million?nbsp; Or a New York gilded-age mansion for 495,000 that was once one of the most beautiful homes in the United States, but now looks like something from a Freddy Krueger nightmare? Also currently on the market, British-musician Robbie Williams mansion on 72 acres that he purchased in 2009 for just over 11 million, but now believes is haunted.

Could it be evil spirits in the basement, a maniac in the attic, or something even worse? Could that dream home become a nightmare? No one ever said buying a home was easy. What difference could a few ghosts make?

The Spectacular Spooky Home of Robbie Williams

Thousand-year-old houses with good bones are much admired by manor hunters in the 21st century, who are so taken with the prestige of owning such an impressive pile, they fail to consider if any spirits are still sticking around.nbsp; Such was likely the case withnbsp;British-musician Robbie Williams and hisnbsp;American actress-wife,nbsp;Ayda, who purchased the stunning Compton Bassett House innbsp;Wiltshire, Englandnbsp;on 72 acres in 2009 for just over 11 million, where their children could run free over the land and where they could enjoy entertaining and daily living away from prying eyes.nbsp; Even though the couple bought it fromnbsp;the renowned architect-and-designer Sir Norman Foster, who had already applied his magic, they had it back on the market in 2010.nbsp; Why so soon?nbsp; Because it felt spooky.nbsp; This overwhelmingly gorgeous mansion with every conceivable amenity felt spooky.nbsp; However, having been around since King Canute was ravishing England and northern Europe, its walls, no matter how lavish today, must be oozing some pretty wild history.nbsp; Early on, Robbie zeroed in on high spookiness in his daughters bedroom and promptly moved her to another location.nbsp; However, one persons discomfort with the supernatural and hyperactive spirits is another persons opportunity to capitalize on the situation.nbsp; The Williams mansion is currently for sale, priced at 9.2 million, listed with Knight Frank U.K.

Yikes The Silence of the Lambs Home Is For Rent

The film that guaranteed a lifetime of nightmares about being skinned and trimmed to make a womans suit for Buffalo Bill in the Oscar-winning movienbsp;The Silence of the Lambsnbsp;had many tongue-swallowing scenes inside this Princess Anne home where Buffalo Bill lived in the movie.nbsp; Situated on almost two acres in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania and measuring 2,400 square feet with four bedrooms and one bath, it has beautiful craftsmanship throughout the home. An in-ground pool and a vintage caboose used as a pool house are just a few of the happy reasons why the home was worth the 298,500 asking price when it went on the market at Halloween in 2020 and sold just a few months later for 290,000. It is now an Airbnb where an entire family can try to stay all night for 595.nbsp;

The Devils Visit To I>

It might be the most haunted house in I>

L.A.s Black Dahlia Murder House

Tales of terror and tragedy ra>

The house was on the market in 2018 at 4.7 million and has been the backdrop for multiple Hollywood movies, TV shows such asnbsp;Ghost Huntersnbsp;andnbsp;Paranormal Americanbsp;and even an American Express commercial.nbsp; It was purchased by a man whose business is selling cannabis-infused pet products.

The Gardette-LePretre Haunted Mansion

The Gardette-LePretre Mansion, or more locally referred to as the Sultans House, has been photographed and heralded in articles from the time it was built in the 1830s. Having hosted the cream of New Orleans society from the beginning of its rich history, the home comes with a scary storynbsp; One morning as neighbors were walking by the Sultan House, they saw blood trickling from under the front door. The police were notified and had to break into the house only to find that all inhabitants had been murdered with swords or axes and the Sultan was found brutalized and buried alive in the backyard. It was always felt that the murders were executed by his brother, the real Sultan, as retribution for the theft of his fortune and many of his wives. How much is local lore and how much is true, we will never know for sure. This is, after all, New Orleans.

Only a block from Bourbon Street, the French Quarter->

Colorado Ghost Town

Tourists once flocked to Uptop, Colorado to ride on the railway, which the railroad company advertised as the "Railroad Above the Clouds."nbsp; Later, lumber companies moved in and in 1930 the Chapel-by-the-Wayside was built for that community.nbsp; The railroad brought many tourists through La Veta Pass to Uptop which was a depot at the top of the pass and what was then the highest railroad and depot in the world.nbsp; With the building of the depot, merchants moved to the location to cater to rail passengers and for entertainment, they built a large dance-hall saloon. It was a favorite stop for miners, railroad men and lumberjacks. The bar, known for its unique curved bar, served prohibition liquor made in a still behind the building that fueled many a raucous poker game.nbsp;

Unfortunately for Uptop, the railroad left in the early 1900s, and in the 1960s the new highway system bypassed the town leaving just a ghost town. Recently restored by two sisters from Boston, the entire town went on the market in 2014 for 2 million including the train depot, dance hall, saloon and chapel.nbsp; Still on the market, now priced at 1 million.

The Arizona Boulder People

During the construction of their new home next to a mysterious pile of ancient rocks in Arizona, a young couple from Washington discovered that they werent the first people to live in the boulders. Pottery shards and rock carvings were dated by experts back as far as one thousand years. Then they found something even more astonishing: a Stonehenge-type phenomenon that occurs on both the spring and fall equinoxes. A six-inch-wide beam of light that starts in the glass between two boulders and slowly works its way across the floor and up the wall to a 36 spiral petroglyph. When the sun hits its mark, the stone projections light up like diamonds.nbsp; What does it mean? Some people think it is a signal to the space creatures. A light that will guide their spaceships to the Arizona desert. Or, maybe it doesnt mean anything. Just a freak of nature. Whatever it might be, it started over a thousand years ago when the boulder people first began living there, about the same time that hard-shelled life forms first showed up on earth.

A dream home for archaeologists, historians, artists or mystery lovers, the Boulder House on nine acres with 4,380 square feet, three bedrooms, two baths and a great room with a massive fireplace was recently for sale at 4.2 million.nbsp; It was reportedly sold, not long after the listing, for almost 5 million.

Haunted New Orleans Magnolia Mansion

While most going businesses want to keep their ghosts in the closet so as not to frighten off clientele, the Magnolia Mansion has cleverly built its business around multiple ghosts and wish its ghosts would invite their friends Here the ghosts are friendly with a sense of humor, where ghostly children tease you by moving things around during the night to watch your reaction the next morning. There are reports of a ghostly maid who will tuck you in at night, a child who walks the halls and a bearded man who spends his time downstairsnbsp; A perfect place to hold your "Spooktacular Gatherings" and "Ghostly Galas"

The Greek Revival mansion of over 13,300 square feet and 13 bedrooms could be changed back into a single-family estate. It was sold at around 3 million and is an active Bamp;B, event location, and friendly hauntings near Halloween.

Thousand Islands Haunted Mansion - Needs Work

When it was built in 1895 for the president of Remington Arms and Typewriter Company, Carleton Manor was one of the grandest structures in all of New York. The solid-stone outer structure sits on an island of 6.9 acres and is surrounded by almost a thousand feet of waterfront. Today, it is an abandoned shell not fit for humans or ghosts. For a mere 495,000, the buyer willing to make this piece of history into a grand restoration project can turn this house from a nightmare into a dream home.nbsp; Then the spirits could come down from the ceiling and the chimneys for more cushy digs and have fun throwing the good china around after midnight.

Amityville Horror House

No longer on the market, the actual Amityville Horror home was for sale in 2016 reduced from 1.15 million down to 850,000. The New York home where Ronald DeFeo got up in the middle of the night in 1974 and brutally murdered his parents and four siblings with a rifle while they slept. The home was occupied just a year later by the Lutz family until they were forced to leave because of rampant paranormal activity.nbsp; The storied horror house on the Ocean Avenue waterfront is today an extensively remodeled home. The 5,000-square-foot home most recently sold in 2017 for just 605,000, and brave people are actually living there today.

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